What We Do

We make pests want to move out!

As professionals in the field, our team can undertake a full analysis of your pest management needs and prescribe appropriate management systems. Because most of our clients operate within the food industry, we prefer to avoid chemical solutions. Rather, we believe that the essence of good pest control is in the management of the environmental conditions in the workplace. Whether this is a production line or a warehouse, systems can be put in place to manage pests by making them uncomfortable. And just like we humans dislike discomfort, the uninvited guests have a great incentive to move quickly along!

Our specifications are driven by our customers’ needs, not by ours, so we amend and alter our service to suit. It is equally important that the current guidlines and legislation on the use of pesticides is followed properly. We guarantee that any work will be compliant with both legislation and your customers’ specifications.

We manage the health, safety and quality by requiring:

  1. Written risk assessments.
  2. Written Safe Working Practices.
  3. Copies of Insurance certificates.
  4. Membership of appropriate trade associations.
  5. Compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

In addition, a quality check is done by Precision at the end of each job, or as part of an on-going agreement.

Geographical Coverage.

Our consultancy and audit services are available throughout the whole of the UK, Europe and most of the rest of the world.

Our staff have also exported their expertise around Europe and the Far East, auditing factories and working with local pest control companies to resolve pest problems and develop pest management strategies.

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Promoting Best Practice.

Our industry is governed by Acts of Parliament and Regulations via the Pesticides Safety Directorate, the Advisory Committee on Pesticides and the Health and Safety Executive. These dictate mostly what we cannot do. But we think there is so much more to be gained by also focusing on doing what we can do and finding the best ways of doing it well.

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Minimising Environmental Impact.

When using pesticides there is always a risk to the user and those in the environment around. The establishment of risk assessments and Safe Working Practice aim to ensure this risk is minimised and, in particular, contained. However our policy of minimal use of pesticides and control by environmental means ensures that the environmental impact of our services is as low as practically possible.

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flags of Europe - Precision Pest Management Services Ltd carries out many projects in European countries.

Pest Management Sans Frontières.

Most of our operations are carried out through our six regional centres within the UK, but we do undertake projects in mainland Europe - we are currently engaged on major contracts in Holland, Belgium and France.

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