Site Appraisal


Bait boxes and insect detectors are a useful, but not always reliable means of detecting infestation. At best when using sampling devices such as baited boxes or stumble traps all one can say is that no mice/insects have visited the boxes. The only way to be sure is to properly inspect the environment as well.

Checking boxes alone is not a sufficient indication of the presence of pests but unfortunately this is what most pest control companies have come to rely on for commercial expediency. Much evidence of infestation can actually be found outside the boxes. It is this evidence for which we search and this is a much more reliable way of identifying the extent of infestation. It is well known that mice will often avoid boxes. A box checking service with large numbers of baits will not detect these mice. Our style of service with detailed inspections is much more likely to do so.

Our staff are trained identify correctly pest infestations without the use of box or detector systems but, if these are in place, they are an added bonus. There are also other techniques for monitoring pests that do not involve bait boxes and we will employ these when necessary and appropriate. The COSHH and other Regulations require us to use the minimum quantities of pesticides necessary. This is also a safer method and, on average, we manage our sites with far fewer rodenticides than our competitors.

Significantly, detailed inspections are also the key to understanding and controlling Stored Product Pest Infestations. Reliance upon monitoring systems to establish the presence and extent of infestations is doomed to fail. It is only by thoroughly investigating these infestations that a control method can be established. Our Biologists aim to provide information to our clients that will enable them to deal with the core reasons for pest infestations instead of looking only at the surface presence of pests.

If we seem to be a good match for your requirements, contact us. One of our Regional Managers would love to talk anything Pest with you!

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