Our Experience

The senior managers of the company have each been in pest control for over 30 years. They have comprehensive experience of dealing with difficult pest problems.

They are amongst the most experienced in Europe in resolving infestation issues. Each has been involved in the development of new systems for previous employers, and have extended their scientific approach within Precision. Mike has been involved in the development of new fly killer systems. George has developed the Organic services we operate, and has developed and written our Quality Systems and some of our manuals.

Their expertise has been used to good effect with clients who have had long term mouse/insect problems. They have successfully brought sites under control and directed client strategies/operating procedures for preventing further problems. Their expertise has taken them around Europe and the Far East, auditing factories and working with local pest control companies to resolve pest problems and develop pest management strategies.

Many of our methodologies have been taken on and used by our competitors, however our strong scientific base means that we are still using methods and systems that are novel and highly effective.

Of our other staff John Myers (Service Manager) has practical pest control experience, with particular reference to Fumigation and Bird Control systems over 30 years. Our other staff members have less experience ranging from 15 years to 9 months. All our staff have been, or are in the process of being, trained in our proactive way of thinking, being taught that the best pest control tool is their brains.